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Protecting Garage and Auto-Service Companies in Pleasant Grove and Orem, UT

Garagekeepers insurance protects towing services, dealerships, service stations, and garages against damages to vehicles that are placed in these businesses’ care.   If garages are storing customers’ vehicles, whether for storage purposes or while working on the vehicles, the garages are liable for any damages the vehicles sustain.  For this reason and others, garagekeepers insurance is a sound investment for garage owners.  

Garagekeepers insurance is different from garagekeepers legal liability coverage.  The latter is for garage ‘operations’ and not just for vehicles.  Garagekeepers liability is typically in section II of a garage policy whereas garagekeepers insurance is typically in section III of a garage policy and strictly covers the ‘care, custody, and control’ of customer vehicles.  Other differences between these two policies exist, and each difference is important for a garage owner to know.  

At the Nuttall & Associates Insurance Agency we help garage owners stay covered for the right price.  We work with each client to ensure that his or her operation is secure and that the policy that provides security gives the client the most value.  

Coverage Options Tailored to Your Operation

Garagekeepers coverage offers three options: legal liability, direct primary, and direct excess.  Each option is distinct and provides specific protection.  These options are:  

  • Legal liability: This applies to a customer’s vehicle if it is damaged due to an insured’s negligence.  For example, if a mechanic wrecks a vehicle while test-driving it, or if a vehicle gets stolen or damaged due to a mechanic leaving a door unlocked, then legal liability covers the costs of fixing or replacing the vehicle.                      
  • Direct primary: This covers a customer’s vehicle regardless of liability.  Losses caused by no action of an insured party are covered by this coverage.  Weather damage and theft that is not the result of insured negligence are examples of these losses.  This is a common insurance option.          
  • Direct Excess: This affords protection to an insured for the loss of a customer’s vehicle regardless of liability, just as direct primary does.  If an insured is not liable, then the form only pays in excess of other collectible insurance.  This option is uncommon, but the most comprehensive.

There are a lot of elements that go into selecting the right coverages and getting the right policy.  At Nuttall & Associates will incorporate every element into the development of your policy and will be a continuous source of support for you.  This way, you can make the best decisions regarding coverage and make the most of your insurance.  

Finding The Right Solution

We take a consultative, personalized approach to delivering products and services.  This means that we work collectively with clients to ensure that coverage is proper and that protection is ongoing.  It involves an initial consultation, thorough assessments, and regular contact.  It’s worked for decades and it always ensures that clients get the most value for their insurance investments.  

We are not a quote mill.  We believe that comparing prices is smart, but we also believe that talking with an agent is the only way to develop a proper solution.  This is why we consider ourselves a partner to each client.  From the first conversation through claims – if and when claims arise – and throughout the life of a policy, we monitor coverages and interact frequently with clients.  It ensures quality.  

If you own a garage or need garagekeepers insurance, please contact us or call us today. You can also request a quote to get started learning about the details of a policy with us.  

Nuttall & Associates Insurance is proud to provide garagekeepers insurance in Pleasant Grove, Orem, Provo, American Fork, Lehi, and Salt Lake City, UT.  We also serve other areas in the state and we also serve twenty two other states.



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